Example: Simple Feature Demonstration

This program is an example of writing some of the features of the xlsxwriter module.

-- A simple example of some of the features of the xlsxwriter.lua module.
-- Copyright 2014-2015, John McNamara, jmcnamara@cpan.org

local Workbook = require "xlsxwriter.workbook"

local workbook  = Workbook:new("demo.xlsx")
local worksheet = workbook:add_worksheet()

-- Widen the first column to make the text clearer.
worksheet:set_column("A:A", 20)

-- Add a bold format to use to highlight cells.
local bold = workbook:add_format({bold = true})

-- Write some simple text.
worksheet:write("A1", "Hello")

-- Text with formatting.
worksheet:write("A2", "World", bold)

-- Write some numbers, with row/column notation.
worksheet:write(2, 0, 123)
worksheet:write(3, 0, 123.456)



  • This example includes the use of cell formatting via the The Format Class.
  • Strings and numbers can be written with the same worksheet write() method.
  • Data can be written to cells using Row-Column notation or ‘A1’ style notation, see Working with Cell Notation.